Between tradition and modernity, Japan has an immense cultural wealth. The country has been impregnated with technological advances and has known, over the centuries, how to modernise itself, while keeping its authentic aspect, giving it a charm without name.

Matsuri procession

The Sanno Matsuri Procession

The Sanno Matsuri (山 王 祭), also known as the Sanno Festival, is one of the largest Shinto festivals in Tokyo along with the Fukagawa Matsuri and Kanda Matsuri. The festival takes place every year in mid-June, but the main parade, called jinkosai or Shinkosai is held every other year in mid-June only in odd-numbered …

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Japanese marquetry Yosegi from Hakone

Hakone marquetry, behind the scenes of exceptional art

Hakone Yosegi marquetry is a valuable traditional Japanese art that continues to be practiced in the Hakone area today. Craftsmen who work in this tradition are often highly respected and their objects are highly prized by collectors and art lovers. If you

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