japanese noren at the entrance of a store

Discover the Japanese NOREN

Japanese noren is a traditional piece of fabric used as a curtain or doorway in stores, restaurants or homes. This small hanging is usually between 90 cm and 150 cm long and is hung at the entrance of the establishment. Noren are often decorated with distinctive designs that may represent the name of the store or the company logo.

Noren are often designed with materials such as cotton or silk and can be plain or printed with colorful designs. They usually have one or more vertical slits cut from the bottom to the top of the fabric, allowing for easier passage or viewing. Noren are also useful for controlling the amount of light that enters the facility, creating a subdued atmosphere inside.

Japanese noren is considered an important traditional decorative element in Asia and is often associated with Japanese culture. Noren can also be used to signal the availability of an establishment, either by being open or closed. When closed, they can suggest that the establishment is closed or that customers should wait before entering.

Some examples of noren

Bathing noren: This type of noren is used in Japanese public baths or onsen to separate male and female baths. It can be made of cotton or silk and is often printed with patterns appropriate for the bath.

Commercial noren are noren used for businesses, such as stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. They can be used to control light and air, signal the opening or closing of the establishment and add a decorative touch to the entrance. Commercial noren can also be printed with the company name, logo, slogan or any other marketing message. Commercial noren are often made of cotton or silk and can be made in different sizes to fit the needs of each business. They can also be printed with colorful patterns to attract customers’ attention and entice them to enter the establishment.

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