Japanese painter Ito Jakuchu

Itō Jakuchū

Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800) was an 18th century Japanese painter and calligrapher. He was known for his silk paintings of birds, fish, and flowers, which were done with great fine detail and color. His works were highly regarded for their realism, subtlety and artistic sensibility.

Itō Jakuchū was trained in the tradition of flower and bird painting in Japan, but he developed his own distinctive style, which was influenced by Zen Buddhist culture. He was also influenced by Chinese culture, which is reflected in his painting technique. He spent most of his life in Kyoto, where he created a large amount of work that was highly appreciated then and continues to be so today.

Besides his silk paintings, Jakuchū was also known for his work in calligraphy, which was often incorporated into his paintings. He also wrote several poems, which were appreciated for their depth and poetic expression.

Today, Jakuchū’s works are considered masterpieces of Japanese art, and they are exhibited in many museums in Japan and around the world. His works continue to inspire contemporary artists and arouse the interest of art lovers.

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