Japanese sushi, a delight to taste in all its forms

When we speak of Japanese sushi, we generally refer to different types of sushi, the best known of which are nigiri, maki (osomaki and futomaki), gunkanmaki and temaki.

Nigiri is the famous rice dumpling topped with a thin slice of salmon or shrimp; maki is a roll made of rice, avocado, cucumber, salmon and surrounded by a sheet of nori seaweed (note that maki comes in two sizes : osomaki and futomaki, which is larger); gunkanmaki is a large roll surrounded by nori seaweed and topped with a protein source (often fish eggs or raw fish); and finally temaki is a kind of nori seaweed cone filled with raw fish.

Beyond the borders of Japan, recipes have diversified with, for example, the invention of an inverted maki: the California Roll, containing avocado, cucumber and fromage frais, all surrounded by a nori leaf and rice sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Nowadays, sushi is appreciated and revisited all over the world, and it is still making us salivate!

At nipponboutique, we offer everything you need to make your sushi and maki: Japanese knives, presentation dishes or plates and of course chopsticks of all kinds to enjoy your preparations in the pure Japanese tradition. Season with our sweet or savoury soy sauces, add white or pink ginger, or wasabi to spice up your little marvels.

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