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Nebuta Matsuri in Hirosaki: A fiery celebration of Japanese history and culture

The Nebuta Matsuri in Hirosaki is one of Japan’s most impressive festivals, celebrating the history and culture of the Aomori region. Each year, thousands of visitors flock to Hirosaki to witness this fascinating event, which takes place from August 1-7. The festival is known for its huge decorated floats called “nebuta”, which are beautifully illuminated and adorned with traditional paintings. In this article, we’ll dive into the history and traditions surrounding the Nebuta Matsuri, with a focus on its cultural significance and tourism impact.

The history and origins of the Nebuta Matsuri

The Nebuta Matsuri has its origins in the 17th century, during the Edo era. According to legend, the feudal lord of the Aomori region, Tsugaru Nobuhira, ordered the construction of gigantic chariots to scare away evil spirits and prevent epidemics. These floats were decorated with colorful paintings depicting mythological characters, samurai warriors and historical scenes. Over time, the festival developed into an annual celebration marking the end of summer and the arrival of the harvest.

Preparing the nebuta

Making nebuta is a laborious task that involves many talented craftsmen. Teams of artists, carpenters and papermakers come together to create these spectacular floats. Nebuta are usually made of bamboo structures covered with washi paper. Skilled painters use bright colors and traditional designs to depict epic scenes from Japanese mythology and local history. Each nebuta is about 5 to 8 meters high and can weigh several tons.

Parades and performances

During the festival, nebuta are carried through the streets of Hirosaki in exciting parades. Teams of porters, called “hayashi,” carry the floats using long wooden poles. The hayashi march in rhythm while singing traditional songs, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Visitors can admire the beautiful details of the nebuta up close and feel the energy emanating from these towering tanks.

Activities and festivities

Apart from the parades, the Nebuta Matsuri offers a variety of activities and festivities to entertain visitors. Food stalls offer local specialties such as yakitori chicken skewers, okonomiyaki pancakes and onigiri rice balls. The performances of traditional dance and Japanese music also attract the attention of spectators. In the evening, the nebuta are beautifully illuminated, creating a dazzling visual spectacle.

Cultural and tourist impact

The Nebuta Matsuri is of major cultural significance to the Aomori region and to Japan as a whole. It highlights local artistic and craft traditions, while preserving the region’s historical heritage. In addition, the festival attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists, contributing to the economic development of Hirosaki and its surroundings. It also offers a unique opportunity to experience Japanese culture in all its glory.

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