TAKIGI NOH at Heian Shrine

Takigi Noh is a traditional Noh performance held outdoors at the Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. This annual event is a unique experience that offers a fascinating insight into Japanese history and culture.

Noh is a form of Japanese theater dating back to the 14th century, characterized by slow, graceful movements, subtle facial expression and poetic narration. Actors wear elaborate costumes and hand-carved masks to portray characters such as gods, warriors and ghosts.

Takigi Noh, which literally means “Noh at the campfire,” is a Noh performance that takes place outdoors around a campfire. The flames illuminate the actors, creating a magical and mystical atmosphere that transports the audience into another dimension.

The Heian Shrine is a prime location for the Takigi Noh, with its extensive gardens and impressive Shinto architecture. The shrine was built to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto and is considered one of the most important sites in the city.

The Takigi Noh is held annually at the Heian Shrine for three consecutive nights, usually towards the end of June. Tickets for this event are in high demand and must be reserved in advance.

The show begins with a procession of actors dressed in traditional costumes, who walk through the lantern-lit gardens. The audience is transported to another time as the actors perform on stage, accompanied by traditional Japanese instruments such as the shamisen, flute and drum.

The campfire adds an extra dimension to the performance, with crackling flames and flying sparks creating a magical and mystical atmosphere. The actors move slowly and gracefully, captivating the audience with their poetic narration and subtle movements.

The Takigi Noh is an unforgettable experience for anyone seeking to discover traditional Japanese culture. The show offers a unique insight into the history and art of Noh, while allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the mystical and enchanting atmosphere of the Heian Shrine.


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