Gundam RX-0 at Odaiba Park

Odaiba Park

Odaiba Park

Odaiba Park, also known as “Odaiba Kaihin Koen” in Japanese, is a public park located on the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, Japan. This park is one of the main tourist attractions in Tokyo because of its beautiful view of Tokyo Bay and its many recreational facilities.

The park was built in 1996 to celebrate the centennial of the city of Tokyo. Since then, it has been expanded and renovated to provide visitors with a first-class recreational area. The park is open daily from 5am to midnight, and admission is free.

The park is divided into several themed areas, each offering a different experience for visitors. One of the most popular areas is the artificial white sand beach, where visitors can sunbathe, swim and surf on artificial waves. The beach is open from July to August and there is an entrance fee.

Another popular area of the park is the Ferris wheel “Daikanransha”, which is 115 meters high and offers a breathtaking view of Tokyo Bay. Visitors can also enjoy the nearby Fuji TV Observatory, which offers a panoramic view of the city.

The park is also home to several sports facilities, including a baseball field, a soccer field and a miniature golf course. Children can have fun in the children’s playground, which includes slides, swings and climbing structures.

For those looking for shopping and dining, Odaiba Park is also home to many stores, restaurants and cafes. There is also a shopping mall, “Aqua City Odaiba”, which houses clothing, souvenir and electronic stores, as well as a movie theater and an aquarium.

Odaiba Park is easily accessible by subway from downtown Tokyo, and there are also regular ferries from other parts of the city. It is also possible to rent bicycles to explore the park at your own pace.

Gundam RX-0

The robot statue in Odaiba Park is called “Gundam RX-0”. It is a life-size statue of the Gundam robot, which is one of the main characters in the Japanese anime and manga series Gundam. The statue is about 18 meters high and weighs about 25 tons. It is located outside the “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza” shopping mall, which is located in the Daiba district of Odaiba. The statue is a popular attraction for Gundam fans and tourists, who can watch impressive special effects and illuminations at night. It was unveiled in 2012 and was replaced by a new statue in 2021, which is 25 meters high and depicts the Gundam Unicorn.


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